The simplest solution for synchronising your own files is probably the zip pack method as you only set it up the once and then all you have to do is maintain that zip on your own server. That being said our system does allow for individual files to be sync'd and this can be found at Sync Center -> Individual Files.

There is a file upload limit of 1MB and it's designed more for any custom text/code you need to be continually synchronised on your devices, for example there may be an add-on you like to tweak slightly but still want it to auto-update via the repo. Using this method you could have it auto update but always have a specific file synchronised with the one you have on here. Of course you need to be careful with this - if it's an important file the developer has made updates to and yours then overwrites it you could find you have a broken add-on until you fix this file! If you're looking to alter default add-on settings take a look at the default add-on settings page.

Adding files to admin panel:

Head over to the following page in your admin panel:

Sync Center -> Individual Files

In here you'll see a few default items you can upload, these defaults have proven popular with many of our clients but are all optional. There's one item in here which you will almost certainly want to change and that's the "Add custom skin logo" option, this is the logo which appears in the bottom left corner of your settings menu in Kodi and it also appears in the slideout side menu.

To add a new custom item follow these directions:

  • Click on Add a custom item
  • Enter the title, this is for your reference only and will be the name used in admin panel for this new menu.
  • Enter the description, again this is for your reference only and will be the description used in admin panel.
  • Enter the path for custom item. This is the path where this file needs to be installed to, for example if it was for YouTube settings it would be: userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.youtube/settings.xml
  • Click Submit and the new menu will now be showing, click on this item and you'll have the option to upload your file.