Every Kodi skin has it's own unique set of settings that you can edit, unfortunately they're all unique to each individual skin so although you may see similar settings in various skins the chances are they're actually technically very different. The good news is we've added a variety of popular settings to our own custom default skin so you can fully customise to your hearts content, many of these settings are unique to our skin and cannot be found elsewhere. To configure the skin settings you can access the details via the following page but remember these settings will only work if you're using our default skin:

Skin -> TRMC Skin Settings

Options Explained:

  • Leave as system default - By default when your admin panel is first setup all setting values are set to this. If this is set as the option it means our software will not change this particular setting, it will remain as whatever setting value is set as the default in the skin.
  • Force setting (yes)- This will force the setting on all your devices meaning the user cannot change the setting. They will still be able to physically go into their Kodi skin settings and edit but when the device checks our servers for updates the setting will revert back to whatever value you have set on admin panel.
  • Force setting (no)- If set to "no" your setting value will only be set during the initial install process, after that the user can change at will.