We understand committing to a product you've not yet fully tested is a big gamble and no matter how confident we are in our product it's you the end user who's opinion really matters.

With this in mind we do offer an evaluation period of 14 days, during this time you get full access to your own admin panel and all TRMC features with the benefit of being able to cancel at any time and receive a full refund if you find it's not suited to your business needs. If you're happy with the system and we haven't heard from you within the 14 days then there is nothing more to do other than continue maintaining your customers devices via the TRMC system.

This trial period is for evaluation purposes and is only available to new customers with no previous orders on our system.

If you require a refund please contact us within 14 days of your account activation* via this helpdesk and request a cancellation on your trial. You will be issued a full refund and any previous access to licenses and admin panel will be revoked.

Please note: Taking advantage of the 14 day evaluation period and cancelling will result in any admin panel accounts and licenses issued being fully removed from our system.

* The 14 day evaluation period is effective from the date your admin panel account confirmation email is sent.

Trial Details:

If you wish to take advantage of the trial please contact us asking for the trial offer, you will be invoiced for 20 licenses (£200). We will require the following information for our invoicing:

  • Full name & address (use company details if you prefer that to appear on the invoice)
  • Username you'd like to use to access your admin panel
  • Email address to use for invoicing
  • Preferred payment method (PayPal / Stripe / Bank transfer)

Payment can be made via PayPay, Stripe or bank transfer *

The trial offer is for 20 licenses only, please do not contact us asking for more/less.

You can of course purchase as many licenses as you need (min. 20 per order) once the trial period has expired. If after a few days of evaluation you like the system and require more licenses asap feel free to contact us and we can cancel your trial period with immediate effect and invoice you for the extra licenses.

* If paying an invoice for a trial period your admin panel and licenses will be created as soon as possible, this is a manual process and can take up to 24 hours (possibly longer if it's a weekend). For future purchases your licenses will not be released until funds have cleared in our bank account, if using Stripe or PayPal gateways this can take up to 10 days so we recommend bank transfer if you require these urgently.