We're all fully aware of just how customisable the Kodi software is and there are a huge amount of options available when it comes to system settings. There is a good chance you might want to edit some of these settings so they compliment your devices/setup. Well the good news is it can now all be done very easily via this page:

Sync Center -> System Settings

You'll find a large amount of settings in here, all with simple dropdown selection boxes. We've not added every single setting available in Kodi due to the fact some are unlikely to ever be used so we've tried to simplify it as much as possible. If you do require a setting which is available in Kodi but not on that page please get in touch and we'll try our best to add it to the page for you. There is an alternative, if you can't find the setting you want on this page you can upload a text file with details of the settings you want to change. With this text file you can change any Kodi setting you want and you'll find this along with documentation at "Sync Center -> Individual Files -> Master Kodi Settings". Full details of how to use both these methods can be seen in the video below.

Options Explained:

  • Leave as system default - By default when your admin panel is first setup all setting values are set to this. If this is set as the option it means our software will not change this particular setting, it will remain as whatever setting value your version of Kodi has it set to.
  • Force setting (yes)- This will force the setting on all your devices meaning the user cannot change the setting. They will still be able to physically go into their Kodi settings and change the setting but when the device checks our servers for updates the setting will revert back to whatever value you have set on admin panel. It should be very rare you need to force any settings on your devices.
  • Force setting (no)- If set to "no" your setting value will only be set during the initial install process, after that the user can change at will. This is the option we would generally recommend unless you know for a fact every one of your devices needs a specific setting forced upon them.

A full guide to the System Settings options available in your admin panel: