There are 3 screens which appear during the initial install process and you can access these via the admin panel at:

Startup Wizard -> Loading Screens

1st Loading Screen:

This is the very first loading screen, this installs your branding specific items and any base system requirements. With a reasonable download speed this should take roughly 1 minute to complete. Once this is complete the user will be taken to the disclaimer (if any content is setup in admin panel that requires a disclaimer) followed by the language selection and the Startup Wizard menus (screen calibration, weather etc. - all set via admin panel and more info can be found in this article). Once this has been completed the second loading screen will appear...

2nd Loading Screen:

This is the second loading screen, any custom zips and SF Shares you have setup in the admin panel will be downloaded during this process along with any new updated dependencies the system requires.

3rd Loading Screen:

This is the final loading screen, all the items downloaded in the previous step will be installed along with any default add-ons you have set via admin panel. Once this is complete the system will load directly into your setup/build or if you have the "Install Complete" dialog enabled the user will get an on screen notification of your choice and when they press OK your setup will load up.

Options Explained:

The following options can be set for each loading screen independantly. If you preferred you could use these for giving tips on how to use the system or advertising rather than explain what updates are taking place.

  • Background - This is the background image you want to use on your loading screens. By default it's set to whitebg.jpg which is just a plain white background but you can enter an online image URL in here if you prefer. We recommend using a 1280x720p image as that should display quicker than a larger resolution and it's also the correct ratio meaning there should be no stretching.
  • Header - This is the title/header which will appear just above the main text of your loading screen.
  • Icon - This is the icon to the left of the text. By default it's a spinning blue circle but you can use any image you want and if you prefer to have a logo image which doesn't spin you can set the spinner status to disabled. If using a spinning image you"ll most likely want a transparent png file (or use the default one). If you want to use your own image just enter the image URL in this section, if you need to change it back to the default just change it to:
  • Main Text - This is your main text which appears in the middle of the screen, by default it describes what type of updates are taking place but you may want to change this and take the opportunity to advertise your own brand or other products which complement the device.
  • Spinning Icon - If set to enabled the icon you have set will spin anti-clockwise, this is designed to work with the default spinning arrows but if you have your own logo you want spinning there's nothing stopping you from enabling this on your own custom image.
  • Header Colour - Set the colour of the header/title text, remember this needs to compliment the colour you choose for your background. By default the background colour is white so something very light in colour like a yellow will not work very well.
  • Main Text Colour - Set the colour of the main text
  • Percentage Bar Colour - Each of the loading screens have a percentage bar to show how far through the install process the device is, you can change the colour here - by default it's a light blue.