Installation of the TRMC software is very simple, you currently have 2 options...

1. I already have Kodi (or a fork) installed:

  • This software is an extension of the Kodi media center software so it is a requirement that you have that pre-installed. It doesn't matter if it's the official version, a popular fork such as SPMC or even your own fork you've had developed. So long as the version you're running is capable of running Python 2.x programs the software should work regardless of the operating system you're running.
  • You can download the software from and the zip file you want to install into the Kodi add-ons section is "TRMC Setup Wizard". You must make sure you install this via the "System -> Add-ons -> Install from zip" section from inside Kodi, if you try manually extracting to your addons folder the relevant dependencies will not be installed and the software will not work. The simplest method is to add "" as a source in your Kodi file manager and you can then install without the need to manually download the file on your computer.
  • Please be patient while the relevant dependencies are installed, once installed the software will automatically start. If your devices mac address is registered on the system it will automatically start the install process otherwise it will load up into a basic startup wizard allowing for language, weather and local media selection. In this basic wizard you will see a button named "REGISTER", if you have a license key associated with your email you can enter the details here and as soon as it's verified the system will automatically start the install process. Please see the video below to see this in action.

2. I run on Android but I don't want Kodi installed:

  • We have our own TRMC apk which is a forked version of Kodi and comes with the setup wizard mentioned above pre-installed. This is a white label solution, used on a device where the mac has been registered there will be no mention of TRMC inside the software - it will use all your own branding. If used on a device which hasn't been registered the user will some generic TRMC branding inside the setup wizard.
  • You can download this apk from and you just install the same as you would any other android apk file. You will notice there are 2 different versions, these are explained below.
  • "Offline" version - if the users mac address hasn't been registered or they have no internet access this will allow them to open up the system in a vanilla Kodi state. No extras will be installed, it will just allow the user to use the system in a vanilla state.
  • "Online" version - This version of the apk will refuse to allow the user to do anything other than register. If they have a valid mac on the system it will automatically install your content but if they don't it will not let them continue until a valid license/email combination has been entered.