What is TRMC?

The TRMC system (Total Revolution Management Console) allows full remote maintenance for a wide variety of devices.

The devices just need to be able to run the popular Kodi media center software (or a forked version) and you can then customise/maintain/message your devices on the fly directly from your own easy to use admin panel.

I have a "kodi wizard", how would this be any different?

Getting customers to press a few buttons so they can download your latest zip file in the hope it fixes their bugs can only get you so far. Often it can lead to more problems than it fixes.

If you've not been following the project then you could be forgiven for thinking this software is just another "build installer", however you'd be very wrong! It's true the project started off as an advanced installer which can automatically synchronise with your files and settings linked in your admin panel but over the years it's become far much more. Thanks to a full time development team and feature requests from existing clients the software offers many features not seen before.

Whether you want to target individual units for advertising/messaging or you want your own custom look which you can regularly alter and send silent fixes with no user interaction it's now all possible. On top of all the maintenance based features we also have our own  "TRMC Only" features which you and your customers can hook into - these have been developed over a number of years and are strictly for TRMC clients. If you ever wanted that "wow" factor for your media center solutions then you've come to the right place. In all honesty there's far too many unique features to mention here and the development is extremely active so if you're interested to learn more we'd urge you to take a look at our website trmc.tv. Our development team also have a roadmap which is regularly updated with all the latest feautures they're working on, if you're concerned about future support then make sure you check this out - the roadmap was started in August 2016 (more than a year after the project started) and you'll be able to see just how active it is on there along with a number of long term plans.