Yes and no... although mostly yes!

The system does require a valid ethernet or Wi-Fi mac address to work and we find most of our clients choose to import a whole list of mac addresses en-masse when they receive the list from their manufacturers. However when registering devices it is possible to assign your license keys to users email addresses meaning you can sell licenses for users to install on their own devices and not get involved in the selling of hardware at all. In this case the mac will automatically be pulled from their device during the Setup Wizard process. Once the mac address is pulled from the device and a valid email/license key combo have been entered the device is locked to that license for the life of unit - this means the user can continue to use the TRMC system for as long as they have a working unit.

Important: There have been instances of some firmwares disabling the ethernet mac when connected via Wi-Fi, for this reason we always recommend instructing your users to connect via ethernet on the first run. It's rare you'll come across any firmwares which do this but if the user does connect via Wi-Fi on the first run and their ethernet module is disabled it will mean they always have to use Wi-Fi to connect in future. As a valid unique mac address is required at all times to access the system if you're selling hardware we highly recommend taking a note of your mac addresses, perform a factory reset and then double check your macs again to make sure they haven't altered. A mac address is a unique identifier which cannot change BUT there are some poorly coded custom firmwares where the mac address shows as a randomly generated string - if you have this problem you will need to get the developer to fix their firmware before you can use this system. A constantly changing mac address will not be compatible with this system and if you find you have one of these you should get it fixed asap by the manufacturer or custom firmware developer.